ThopTV App Download Latest Version v50.8.4 for Android (Official) 2023

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Hello friends, How are you guys, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s article, we will talk about ThopTV App. These days the world has been reduced to a small smartphone, everyone can watch their favorite television shows, web series, etc on their smartphones. But when it comes to cricket, it is possible to watch them only on paid websites.

As soon as every cricket lover starts searching online to watch IPL for free. But even after spending a lot of time, it seems disappointing. In such a situation, we recommend users download ThopTV App, which allows them to watch the latest TV episodes, web series, movies, IPL matches, etc. without any payment.

ThopTV App is an application that shows you live channels. This question must be coming to your mind that there are many such channels. Which we can see live. But to see them, you have to recharge per month. As you all know nowadays TV is becoming less popular and the phone in our hands has now become a TV.

But to watch the live channel you have to have your phone or reads to recharge in TV. To avoid this, many people download Thop TV App. When we need to download the Android app then we download that app from Google Play Store but if you There you search for ThopTV then you will not be able to find it because that app is against Google policy and hence it is illegal on Google.

Because of this, we need to opt for downloading the Thop TV App from Google to be able to download Thop TV APK. Although live television is not seen on every mobile phone, when there are tournaments like cricket matches like World Cup, or IPL, then most people watch it on mobile. More cricket matches are watched for which the ThopTV download app has to be installed.

So in today’s article, we are going to give you all the important information about ThopTV 2023 download. To download ThopTV APK for free, please read this article written by us till the end.

What is ThopTV App?

Thop TV is a platform with the help of which you can watch all types of videos, live shows, TV shows, and news online. One can watch sports etc. very easily. You can ThopTV download the App for both mobile and computer. This question must have come to your mind, there are many such apps on Google Play Store, with the help of which can watch live dish channels for free.

But let us tell you that ThopTV App is very different from them because in this you can watch live TV shows for which you have to recharge every month on other apps. You can watch live TV with the help of Sky, Disk TV, etc. In this way, it is the job of the ThopTV App to watch the channel live.


You can watch videos from famous OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Alt Balaji, and subscribe to Thop TV Others without paying, which also provides live TV channels from different countries. Due to the fact that this app provides free access to almost all live TV channels Thop TV is growing in popularity on the internet whereas other Live TV channels have to be paid to watch.

Thop TV is growing in popularity on the internet due to the fact that this app provides almost all live TV channels for free whereas one has to pay to watch other Live TV channels.

Download Information for ThopTV App

App NameThopTV
Size42.60 MB
Latest Versionv50.8.2
Supported AndroidAndroid 5.0 and above
DeveloperThopTV Team
Last Update1 day ago

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Features of the ThopTV App

We told you in the above article what is Thop TV. Now let us know about the features of the ThopTV App. The interface of ThopTV is very clean and you can use it very easily.

No Membership Fee

This application gives free streaming without any monthly subscription fee. In this, users can enjoy the premium of their favorite channels. This is the reason users can stream tons of movies and TV shows for free without any worries.

Wide Range of Channels

More than 5000 stations from different countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and others can be accessed through ThopTV.

Movies and TV Shows

ThopTV offers a selection of movies and TV shows for streaming.

Ads Free Content

Other apps show tons of video intermissions for free access to their content, which makes the viewing experience crummy. The same Thop TV keeps the content available on the app ad-free, keeping in mind the entertainment and enjoyment of the viewers.

Supports All Devices

It is completely designed keeping the audience in mind. The content available to you on the home page of the app is updated daily. And everyone can easily watch their favorite shows with a single click. In addition, the friendly interface is very easy to operate this app. It is effective in providing direct access to the content to be viewed by the viewers.

Huge Library of Movies & TV Channels

There are 500 different Indian channels on Thop TV which is full of sports news entertainment channels in many languages. In this, along with the live streaming of IPL 2023, trending web series of OTT apps can be seen on Thop TV.

Features on Tips

  • Thop TV makes it easy to use for everyone thanks to its user interface.
  • Thop TV gives you access to over 5000 radio stations.
  • It has all live sports channels in which you can watch live cricket and many more sports.
  • You can easily download any movie, web series, episode, TV show, etc. from Thop TV.
  • The ThopTV app is absolutely free app, you don’t have to pay any kind of money to use it.
  • If you do not want to watch any video live on the Thop TV app, then you can also download that video.
  • ThopTV provides chat support, which you can use to talk about your thoughts, problems, etc.
  • The ThopTV app is one such app that can be downloaded on every phone as it is very less MB.
  • ThopTV has more than 3000 live channels so you can watch almost any kind of web series out there.

ThopTV Screenshots

How to download the ThopTV App?

If you want to download ThopTV App, then let us tell you that this app is not available in Google Play Store. But you can download this app by visiting our website, please click on the download button above.

  • First of all, open Chrome browser on your phone and search by typing “ThopTV Download”.
  • After searching, many websites will come in front of you, you have to click on any one website.
  • Look for the ThopTV APK Free Download button on the website and click on it.
  • The ThopTV app will start downloading as soon as you click on the Thoptv Apk Download button.
  • In this way, you can easily download ThopTV APK download for Android 2023.

How to install Thop TV?

As you all know that when you download an app from Google Play Store, that app automatically installs on mobile. It gets installed, for that, you do not need to give any separate settings or permission. But if you download an app from any other medium, then for that you have to set separate permission and a setting.

You have to enable it only after that you can install that app on your phone. if you have downloaded ThopTV Quora and want to know how to install it, then you can follow it below By following the mentioned tips step by step, you can easily download any app.

  • After downloading ThopTV, click on its APK file.
  • As soon as you click on that file, the option to install will appear, you have to click on it.
  • To install Thop TV, enable “Unknown Source” Install by going to Settings.
  • Your Thop TV app will start installing as soon as you enable this setting, after which you can use this app.
  • If you want to download ThopTV App, then you can download it very easily by clicking on the button given above by us.

ThopTV Pros

If you download this app then you get the following benefits which are given below by us.

  • You can use ThopTV App absolutely free.
  • Thop TV is completely free to use, making it very beneficial for users who recharge every month for TV shows.
  • In this app, you can watch cricket movie shows for free.
  • ThopTV has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • It does not have any kind of subscription charge, you can download it for free.

ThopTV Cons

Using the ThopTV App can raise legal issues.

  • This app is absolutely free, so you will see a lot of advertisements in it.
  • Legally this app is not legal because showing premium content of any platform for free Illegal activities are there.
  • Videos on ThopTV may not always be of great quality. This can cause buffering freezing or other problems which can make the viewing experience disappointing.
  • The ThopTV app is primarily designed for Hindi or English-speaking users. That’s why this app non-speaking users cannot use this app.
  • Thop TV provides copyrights without permission. Due to this, you can face legal consequences. You get HD streaming in this app.
  • ThopTV airs advertisements that can prove to be annoying and ruin the viewing experience.

Is ThopTV App Safe?

If you people talk about the security of this app, then this app is not considered safe. If you want to run this app then you Will read to compromise privacy and security. The ThopTV app asks for the camera location permission of your contacts. The drawbacks of this app are not listed on the Play Store. If you can make this agreement, then you can easily use ThopTV on your mobile. People in India use it a lot especially to watch IPL.

How to watch Live Cricket Match on ThopTV?

ThopTv is mostly used to watch live matches. But when there is a World Cup, IPL, or an Indian Cricket match on tv in India, the number of people who download it increases a lot. Because most people in today’s time watch the match only on their mobile phones because they do not have to do so on other platforms. You can watch live matches absolutely free of cost on Thop TV app. So let’s know how to watch live cricket matches on ThopTV App.

  • First of all, you have to open the ThopTv app on your mobile phone.
  • As soon as you open the Thop TV app then you can see live cricket matches and many live TV shows on the home screen in front of you.
  • When you click on the screen for Live IPL Cricket Match, Live IPL Cricket Match starts appearing.

Entertainment Channel List by Thop TV

  1. Star Gold
  2. Sony Max
  3. Star Gold 2
  4. Zee Cinema
  5. UTV Movies
  6. Sony Max 2
  7. Sony Pix
  8. Star Movies
  9. Star Movies Select HD
  10. &flix
  11. Zee Anmol Cinema
  12. MN+
  13. UTV Action
  14. Zee Bollywood
  15. Zee Classic
  16. &pictures
  17. Star Gold Select
  18. Colors Cineplex
  19. Star Utsav Movies
  20. MNX
  21. WB
  22. Movies Now
  23. Romedy Now

News Channel List offered by ThopTV

  1. News World India
  2. ET Now Swadesh
  3. NDTV Profit
  4. Sansad TV
  5. Sandesh News
  6. Sahara Samay
  7. R9 TV
  8. DD News
  9. Republic Bharat
  10. News18 Gujarati
  11. ABP Ganga
  12. WION
  13. ABP Ananda
  14. ABP Majha
  15. Sudarshan News
  16. NDTV 24×7
  17. Jan TV
  18. NewsX
  19. ABP News
  20. Reporter TV
  21. Aaj Tak
  22. ETV Andhra Pradesh
  23. TV9 Gujarati
  24. Zee Bihar Jharkhand
  25. Calcutta News
  26. Good News Today
  27. VTV-Gujarati
  28. ET Now
  29. Assam Talks
  30. India News Haryana
  31. Janta TV
  32. NDTV India
  33. ABN Andhra Jyothi
  34. News Nation
  35. India Ahead
  36. ABP Nadu
  37. Times Now
  38. Total TV
  39. India News
  40. News9
  41. CNN-News18
  42. Live India
  43. News18 Rajasthan
  44. Zee Hindustan
  45. CNBC Awaaz
  46. Mirror Now
  47. Times Now Navbharat
  48. India TV
  49. News18 India
  50. Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh
  51. News18 Bihar Jharkhand
  52. India News Bihar Jharkhand
  53. First India News Rajasthan
  54. News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand
  55. News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, You can watch live IPL cricket matches, TV shows, movies, etc. on this app which is completely free of cost.

It was removed from the Google Play store as a result of copyright complaints from TV networks. As a result, the Google Play store no longer lists it.

ThopTV's servers may be down or ThopTV is being repaired. Apart from this, there are some other issues that may be required for Thoptv to work on your phone. The most common issue though? Thoptv is not launching or broadcasting.

You can watch free Live Cricket on the ThopTV app which is provided by us.

ThopTv is a free live cricket match streaming software that allows you to watch the game in real-time. Apart from cricket competitions, many other top TV shows and channels are available. You can watch cricket in real-time without any contribution.

Disney Plus Hotstar in India also offers free membership, but you hardly get anything. Live events cannot be viewed by members and unable to access Disney movies and TV shows and much more.

Thop TV cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store because it violates Google's Policy. Instead, you have to get another way to download it. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned above for you.

Yes, You can watch any OTT platform content for free with the ThopTV app, which is completely free to download. Also, you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, as well as records and other competitions for free.

RedBox TV is another free live-streaming app and alternative to ThopTV. It provides the option to stream live TV shows, movies, sports, and games for free. It does not demand money for registration and does not have any subscription plan.

ThopTV is an online streaming platform on which you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, and much more. You can access content available on premium OTP platforms such as Prime Video, and Netflix.

As a result of complaints made by Star India, Viacom18, and other broadcasters, Thop TV's Producer and CEO Satish Venkateswarlu was taken into custody in July last year.


Through today’s article, we have told you about how to download ThopTV App. You are told by us that the Latest ThopTV APK can download. You can watch all the trending content using the ThopTV app absolutely for free. But let us tell you for your information that due to the ThopTV App piracy has been discontinued. Use the right apps to watch live TV. I hope you have got all the information related to what is ThopTV App by reading this article.

If you liked this article of ours, then share it with your friends as much as possible so that they also know about ThopTV App. One can get all the information and that can watch IPL matches absolutely free. Please tell us by commenting once, how is this article. Thank You!

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